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Democratic Party Organizations

DNC (D.C.)

State Democratic Party Organizations

California Democratic Party (Sacramento, CA)
North Carolina Democratic Party (Raleigh, NC)

Elected Democratic Political Offices

Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Progressive Non-Profits

Southern Poverty Law Center (Montgomery, AL)
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (Berkeley, CA)
Sierra Club (Oakland, CA + D.C.)
EarthJustice (San Francisco, CA)
Next Gen Climate (San Francisco, CA)
Advocates For Youth (D.C.)
American Federation of Teachers (D.C.)
Center for American Progress (D.C.)
Council of American-Islamic Relations (D.C.)
Emily’s List (D.C.)
Empowered To Run (D.C.)
Human Rights Campaign (D.C.)
Issue One (D.C.).
NARAL Pro-Choice America (D.C.)
National Women’s Law Center (D.C.)
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) (D.C.)
The Pew Charitable Trusts (D.C.)
United We Dream (D.C.)
World Food Program USA (D.C.)
Planned Parenthood (D.C. + more)
Everytown (NYC)
Families for Excellent Schools (NYC)
Human Rights First (NYC)
Stand Up America (NYC)
Charity Water (NYC)
Center for Reproductive Rights (NYC + D.C.)
Color Of Change (NYC)
Creative Reaction Lab (St. Louis, MO)
Southern Environmental Law Center (Charlottesville, VA)


270 Strategies (D.C. + Chicago, IL + San Francisco, CA)
GPS Impact (Des Moines, IA + St. Louis, MO + Kansas City, MO + Philadelphia, PA)
Anne Lewis Strategies (D.C.)
Blueprint Interactive (D.C.)
BPI Media (D.C.)
Neimand Collaborative (D.C.)
Rising Tide Interactive (D.C.)
Hager Sharp (D.C.)
New Blue Interactive (D.C.)
NGPVan (D.C.)
Rising Tide Interactive (D.C.)
Threespot (D.C.)
Veracity Media (D.C.)
Wide Eye Creative (D.C. + Remote)
BCom Solutions (Auburn, NE)
Agency (NYC)
Berlin Rosen (NYC)
Blue State Digital (NYC + Oakland, CA + D.C. + London)
Speakable PBC  (NYC)
Raygun (San Diego, CA)


The Resurgent Left
Priorities USA


Crowd Pac (San Francisco, CA)